Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Pop Francis Means Business for Business

Less than a year after Benedict appointed cardinals over the Vatican, Francis has fired all but one. Their five year term came to an abrupt end. The Pope has been reading the riot act throughout the Vatican and the Catholic church. The 'People's Pope' is trying to usher in a new culture for RC and expects Cardinals to be the primary people to lead the charge. The also comes on the heels of the appointment of 19 new cardinals

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Pope Francis Time Person of the Year Certainly a wise choice. Could go with the usual suspects, or heaven forbid, a popstar. Time magazine crowned Pope Francis this year's person of the year. The words from the Pope have started a seismic shift in the Catholic church returning it to simpler roots, and dare I say, the teachings of Jesus. Will he be successful in implementing change? Time will tell what's rhetoric and what's too big to shift the already massive organization set in its ways.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Corporate Greed Targeted by Pope The Pope continues his attack on wealth disparity (which in some ways could be seen as hypocritical given the massive wealth, primarily in land, the Catholic Church possess) taking corporations to task yet again decrying the immense and usually obtuse salaries for executives. This Pope has long been a champion for the poor, seeking ways to raise their prominence in the face of oppression from a variety of sources, including wage disparity at the hands of greedy corporations. Impact? Likely none, but at some point at least some Catholics will be convicted to make changes that may see a trickle down effect to some workers (the working poor....)

Monday, September 16, 2013

Pope makes house calls

What's awesome about this story is the way this Pope wishes to connect to his people. Just sitting at home responding to letters and picking up the phone to chat with someone who needs encouragement.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pope Benedict Resigns

Health has slowed (or was it Twitter?) the work of the Pope the point he can no longer feasibly continue his duties effectively. Generally a job until death, the 'voting' of the next leader of the Roman Catholic church is upon us. The question is where will the next Pope hail from? Given the shift of faithful has definitely moved to South America and Africa, we could very well see the first non-European emerge from conclave.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

In God we trust.

Is Obama waging war on religion? During his presidency, Obama has been criticized for taking God out of the equation. The famously controversial first Christmas in the White House, the Obama's debated whether or not to display the creche, in an attempt to make Christmas more inclusive for Americans. Obama has also excluded the use of "God" or "Creator" in the Declaration of Independence. It is also worth noting that he and his team have asked for religious symbols to be covered if he is addressing the public, as he does not want religious symbols to be a backdrop to his speeches.

What does all of this mean? There are a lot of rumors circulating that Obama is not the Christian he claims to be, and that he is either a Muslim or an atheist. I, personally, think Obama is trying to be as inclusive as possible. Some would argue his reach for inclusivity is at the cost of Christianity, but that's up for debate. Others may argue that he dons his "Christian" hat to gain votes.

Obama has always supported religious freedom. He is trying to bridge that chasm between religions to make America a place not of "tolerance" but of free acceptance. Maybe excluding all religions isn't the best way to do this, but maybe celebrating only Christian traditions and using language that only some Americans understand isn't effective either. What is really boils down to is this: Do we care more about the beliefs of our President than the effectiveness and quality of his/her leadership?