Sunday, June 18, 2006


It's official.

PETA has gone NUTS.

They have become some sort of terrorists, using guerilla tactics to advance their cause. All they have done is ruin their own credibility.

Recently, they basically 'ambushed' Beyonce Knowles and her mother and forced them to watch a gruesome video.

Terrrorist tactics like this won't work fact, I am even more inclined to go out and buy a fur coat (on my way home from KFC, of course) just to show you that I don't care what your cause is, when you employ tactics like this.

"Beyonce Knowles and her mother were forced to flee a dinner fans won at an auction when the devotees turned out to be activists from People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals (PETA). The PETA pair, who won the chance to dine with Beyonce at a VH1 Save The Music auction, bombarded the pop diva with questions about her decisions to wear fur and include fur in her clothing line, House Of Dereon."

"And the onslaught didn't stop there as Beyonce and her mum sat awkwardly at New York's trendy Nobu 57 on Thursday night - the unnamed PETA pair placed a portable DVD player and forced the Knowles girls to watch a video expose of the fur industry, narrated by Pamela Anderson, featuring footage of animals who are trapped, drowned, and electrocuted for their pelts."

"PETA spokesman Michael McGraw says, "PETA has contacted Beyonce numerous times over the years, begging her to stop promoting the violence of the fur industry."

"McGraw hopes that Beyonce's awkward dinner date has made her think twice about using and wearing fur"

How dare they 'terrorize' people to advance their cause?
IMHO, PETA has long-ago ceased to be about protecting animals.
They are nothing but terrorists.

Full story here.

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