Sunday, June 26, 2011

Conservatives Punch the Other Cheek?

On illegal immigration our Baptists friends are all in a tiffy after the President Al Mohler started to discuss the issue of homosexuality. Keeping to his conservative position, he did mention that Christians on the right-end of the theological--no wait--political spectrum haven't done a great job dealing with the issue. Essentially he said that Christians were more interested in severe condemnation/damnation.

Well the vitriolic replies came almost immediately from so called Christians attacking how Mohler is not catering to the gay agenda. Apparently violence is preferred over love for conservative Christians. So sad.

Another contentious issue is the same Conservatives fuelling tough and sometimes hate filled laws towards illegal immigrants.

Christians can do better, Catholics are not immune to these issues either, we have our spectrums of positions that include fools too. Some growing needs to be done though especially on issues so contentious and filled with opportunity to do better.